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Welcome to the first day after the

"Web 2.0 Tools in English" workshop!



Here's where all of us will ask and answer questions of interest to all, share links to activities we've prepared and leave comments. I suggest that you write your name and the date in each entry you insert, and separate entries with a horizontal line (click on the icon above "Source"). And I suggest we write in English to make this page a useful resource for colleagues worldwide.


Let's make this a really useful resource page!


Teresa and João



Teresa (11Jul08)


Here are the links to my blogs that Fernanda asked for and the link to Becoming a Webhead 2008 (BaW08).


CALL Lessons 2007-2008 (curricular)

Have Fun with English! 2 (extracurricular)


BaW08 online workshop (Yahoo Group)

BaW08 workshop resources (wiki)


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